A message from Ron Hayes: Who’s Who at Alaska Rainbow Lodge

Over the years, we’ve hosted and guided thousands of fishermen from all over the world.

Most of our guests come from the U.S., but many come from England, Australia, Canada, Norway, Germany and Spain. The truth is, you never really know who you might run into at the Alaska Rainbow Lodge.

The people who come here make this place more interesting every day. We have NFL quarterbacks, professional baseball players, Hollywood movie stars, Texas oil men, Supreme Court justices, cabinet members, photographers, software moguls, car dealership owners, cowboy boot manufacturers, advertising and marketing professionals, chemical engineers, environmentalists, writers, movie producers and directors, boat manufacturers, fly fishing equipment manufacturers, politicians, CEOs from the insurance and ski industries, airline pilots, cattle ranchers and many, many more very accomplished and diverse people. And they all come here, year after year, to experience the best of what Alaska fishing has to offer, and the best of what the Alaska Rainbow Lodge has to offer. And for that, Sharon and I are very thankful.

Come spend a week with us, and join this amazing list of who’s who at the Alaska Rainbow Lodge.