Message from Ron: How to pick your flight from Anchorage to King Salmon

Now that you’ve picked the week you want to fish ARL, travel logistics are probably your next area of focus. The Alaska Rainbow Lodge website is a great resource for travel planning, schedules and contact information. But here’s an extra tip we’ve learned that can help make your travel to and from the lodge a bit easier.

Most of our guests fly into Anchorage and spend the night the day before their trip begins. The next day, they fly to King Salmon to meet our lodge float planes. Alaska Airlines has one flight daily arriving in King Salmon about mid-day, whereas smaller commuter airlines such as Penn Air have several flights arriving and departing daily.

Here’s the big difference: Alaska Airlines jets can fly when smaller airlines such as Penn Air can’t. That means if you book your flight on Alaska Airlines, it’s a good bet you and your luggage will arrive on schedule. The smaller commuter airlines are at the mercy of the weather, and if the plane is full of passengers, your luggage may not make the flight. It will probably make the next flight, but you’ll be sitting in King Salmon waiting for your bags and my guess is, you’d rather be fishing.

There is a small cost difference. Alaska Airlines is a bit more expensive, but it could be worth every penny to make sure you don’t miss a single, precious, fishing minute.

Take a look at what happens after you land in King Salmon:

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