by Michael Bales, Head Guide at Alaska Rainbow Lodge

My guides have lived in close quarters for the past four months. They have worked, guided and fished every day since arriving at the Alaska Rainbow Lodge back in June. We are all growing old, but the best thing about that is we are all growing old together, with our fly rods, sharing some of Mother Nature’s greatest miracles, here in Alaska.

I will admit it’s tough and demanding work. And it takes a special type of person to be a guide at this lodge. But it’s important work for career achievements and the pursuit of excellence in a world-renowned fishing lodge. When our guides leave at the close of each season, they will proudly put “Fishing Guide, Alaska Rainbow Lodge” on their résumés. And any fishing lodge in the world would hire them for their season. Immediately. Why? Because a guide position at Alaska Rainbow Lodge is globally recognized as the gold standard for guides in the fishing lodge industry.

The guides themselves are another reason Alaska Rainbow Lodge is the gold standard of the industry. These are fishermen at their purest. Expert guides. True professionals. Remarkable people. Avid sportsmen and conservationists. I’m saying goodbye to these guides – my friends – for the season. They’ll continue to pursue their profession literally all over the globe. Some will go to Argentina, others will go to Chile, some will pick up their guiding businesses in Florida, Oregon and Michigan, and others will head to Europe.

But all my guides, who by now have become your friends as well, will return next June to begin the 2013 season. We look forward to seeing you again next year at the Alaska Rainbow Lodge.

Thank you for a great season.