A message from Ron Hayes:

Let’s go to Alaska

We are booking trips today. If you’ve been sitting on the fence, thinking about fishing Alaska this summer, now is the time to make the call. Airfares are still reasonable and we still have availability. These pictures from our guests pretty much say it all. So call today. Fish the best lodge in Alaska. The Alaska Rainbow Lodge.


The flight to the Kamishak to catch Silver Salmon and Arctic Char. This may be one of the most beautiful and remote places you will fish on your trip. Each member in our group of four landed about 35-40 Arctic Char in one afternoon. Our pilot landed on the lake at the mouth of the river. Two ARL jet boats were moored, awaiting our arrival. From the plane, we stepped into the boats and traveled about 45 minutes up the winding Kamishak River to a gravel bar. From the moment we stepped onto land we were hooking up with fish after fish. Late in the afternoon, when the guides called it a day, they had a hard time convincing us to stop fishing! This trip, which is just one day, is everything you’re looking for with a fly rod in Alaska.

That’s a big bear. He got that way by feasting on the millions of salmon that swim in front of his nose from his strategic perch by the river. We drifted in front of him on our rafts and he never even paid any attention to us. He was in the zone –fishing with a purpose – just like our entire group on Moraine Creek that day. Cool shot.

This is why we came to the Alaska Rainbow Lodge. Big beautiful Leopard Rainbow Trout. Look at those colors. These healthy wild trout are feasting on the salmon eggs and flesh from the millions of spawning salmon that pour into our Bristol Bay rivers. We caught trout much bigger, but none more beautiful than this one.

This photo is typical of what begins every morning on the rivers and lakes in Katmai National Park. The pilots gently land their Beavers, we unload, get in a boat or walk to a stream close by and the fishing and fun lasts all day. Our guides have this process down cold – because every moment on this trip is precious and they know it! No time is wasted. It’s a beautiful machine, designed to get you to the fish, on the fish, and back home – all with a lot of style and class.

The end of the day. Our gang lines up for one great shot and off we go, back to the lodge for a cool beverage, fine meal, hot shower, and comfortable bed. If you ever get the chance, go to the Alaska Rainbow Lodge with some close friends, great business associates, your dad, and your sons – that’s the best way to experience this lodge. Ron Hayes runs a tight ship. After all his years in the business, he’s got this program down to perfection.


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