Josh Almond will be joining the Alaska Rainbow Lodge family this season as a new fishing guide. We are excited to introduce him to you in this week’s featured profile:

Where are you from?

– I grew up in southwestern Michigan and spent the summers traveling around the state fishing with my grandfather. I learned to fly fish during the June mayfly hatches on the Manistee River at the age of 8. When my parents moved us to North Carolina my passion for fly fishing followed. I chased trout in the mountains, smallmouth bass in the foothills and whatever fish I could find on the coast. My wife and I lived in Florida for five years working and fishing but we have recently located back to the foothills of Carolina.

What do you do in the off season?

– I have been managing a bait and tackle store in Florida for the past four years but have recently moved back to the foothills of North Carolina to finish my degree in environmental sciences. I also like to try and fish a new area or state every year. So far I’ve been lucky enough to fish a lot of the eastern seaboard and some of the Midwest. I’m hoping to find my way out to Montana this year!

What would you say is your favorite species to fish for?

– This is a tough one. Tarpon were the main reason for moving to Florida due to them being such a great fly rod fish. I’ve fished tarpon laid up in quiet little bays, cruisers running in strings along the Florida Keys and rolling fish way deep in the everglades back country. I love the diversity of what is considered “Tarpon Fishing”, however, if you made me choose one fish to cast at the rest of my life it would be smallmouth bass, hands down!

Alaska Fishing Guide

Specialty in Alaska or Strengths as a Guide?

– My greatest strength as a guide for Alaska Rainbow Lodge is that I love to teach people this sport which am so passionate about. I enjoy nothing more than helping someone new to sport learn how to cast or catch their first fish on a fly rod. I would have never ended up where I am now without the help from some great teachers so I like to try and pass on the knowledge whenever I can.

Alaska Fishing Guide at Alaska Rainbow Lodge in Bristol Bay Alaska

Something interesting and not fishing or Alaska related about yourself:

– I am a huge food nut. I love trying new and interesting foods even though most who know me would call me a picky eater. I do all the cooking at our house and enjoy trying to better myself every meal. We do a lot of Mexican inspired food, but on any given day there could be a smoked brisket, a stir fry or chicken parmesan on the table ready to eat!

Alaska Fishing Guide at Alaska Rainbow Lodge in Bristol Bay Alaska