Spring is quickly approaching, and the Alaska fishing season will follow soon after, which means there’s no time like the present to book your stay at Alaska Rainbow Lodge. Once you’ve booked your upcoming fishing getaway, we suggest that you create a packing list to ensure you don’t leave any must-bring items behind. Our What to Bring page will give you a full packing checklist of general travel items as well as clothing options you’ll want to bring on your trip. We’d also like to offer a little guidance on some travel tips and tricks that will provide a comfortable journey to our lodge during the Alaska fishing season. 

Smart Travel Tips

Ask a trusted friend back home to house it when you’re on your Alaska fishing trip, to ensure that everything remains in one piece while you’re away. Knowing that someone is keeping an eye on things will allow you to feel more relaxed while you’re out of town. The next must-do on our travel tips and tricks list is connecting with your credit card company and local bank to let everyone know the dates you’ll be traveling. You don’t want to purchase something at the airport only to find out your credit card company flagged your transaction! And lastly, be sure to bring paper copies of any necessary travel documents you may be using during your stay. 

Carry-on Packing List

If traveling isn’t a thing you frequently do, you’ll find that long, extended airplane rides can be quite uncomfortable. Creating a packing list for your carry-on, including items such as headphones, reading materials, snacks, extra medications, electronics, and even hand sanitizer. Airports and planes are a natural hub for germs, and you don’t want to get sick while in Alaska fishing. Adding Emergen-C or Airborne to your packing list wouldn’t be the worst idea to prevent any kind of sickness on vacation! Two highly suggested travel tips for comfort include bringing a neck pillow and wearing compression socks as they are recommended for those sitting for long periods. 

Create a General Packing Checklist

You’ve booked your stay for the Alaska fishing season, that’s great, but now what? It’s time to start a packing checklist, that’s what! Having a packing list will allow you to cross items off as you begin filling up your suitcase (going from memory is not a great idea). We encourage you to head to our Reservations What to Bring page and print out the packing checklist we have created for you! 

How to Contact our Staff

If it’s your first time joining us for the highly anticipated Alaska fishing season, we’d love to help you along the way! Please feel free to contact us over the phone to speak with a staff member directly by calling 1-800-451-6198. You can also browse through our Reservations page to find more travel tips and details before your arrival. Alaska Wilderness Travel will help you with any flight arrangements you require once you book, please call 1-800-544-2236 to receive the best airfare rates possible. If you have any further questions you can also email info@alaskarainbowlodge.com