Guide Confessions: The Rivers We Call Our Own

It’s early March. I’m in Florida at home, clicking through maps on Google Earth, studying the Alaskan rivers in the Katmai National Park area with names like: the Alagnak, Kvichak, Moraine Creek, Upper American, Lower American, Brooks, Kamishak, Egegik, King Salmon, Strike Creek, Nushagak and Naknek. These are just some of the rivers we fish for King Salmon, Chum Salmon, Silver Salmon, Pink Salmon, Arctic Char, Leopard Rainbows and Grayling. There are actually more than 20 rivers close by that we fish and call our own.

If you’ve been to the Alaska Rainbow Lodge, these rivers’ names will bring back a flood of memories. Did you ever fish the braids on the upper Kvichak? Do you remember a stretch called Bourbon Street? It’s a gravel bottom, fast moving, gin-clear stretch teeming with Salmon and big Rainbows—the perfect place to hook-up double after double. How about Brooks? Remember fishing for Rainbows right alongside hundreds of bears? Could you ever forget that day as long as you live? What about drift fishing Moraine Creek—remember the pilot’s fly-by and the view from the bluff above the river? As you looked into the streams below, you could see thousands of bright red Sockeyes in the currents, and bears splashing up and down the rivers.

You see, this is what Alaska Rainbow Lodge is all about—wild and remote places, rivers stacked with fish, where every single precious moment is an adventure of a lifetime.

Each evening after dinner, I visit with all my guests to plan the next day’s fishing trip. Together, we look at a map of the rivers, discuss any special interests and then make recommendations on where we know that type (species) of fishing is best. An important distinction in the Alaska Rainbow Lodge approach to fishing is the chance to fish a different river every day. Rarely will you fish the same river twice during your trip—unless you want to! This gives you a chance to see as many diverse and spectacular environments as possible during your stay.

From the mountains of the Kamishak to the abundant waters of the Alagnak, the Alaska Rainbow Lodge is looking forward to an outstanding season of fishing with you.

Let us show you our Alaska – our rivers – in 2012.