Message from Ron Hayes: The Best Guides Make the Best Trip

I want to take a minute to talk about my fishing guides. It’s taken me years to handpick every man in this truly great roster.

Each guide spends more than 300 days a year on the water; this is their life’s work and passion – most of them even own their own guiding businesses in other parts of the world, which they run when they’re not fishing with us in the Alaskan summer.

Why is all this important? Because a great fishing guide makes all the difference in the world.

My guides quickly recognize who needs help and who should be left alone, who casts well and what they need to cast perfectly, when to change flies, leaders and rigs and when to move to a new spot. ARL guides are visible when needed and invisible when not. They are an extra pair of hands at just the right time and watchful observers of the guests, environment, conditions and opportunities at all times. They are the best of the best. That’s what makes Alaska Rainbow Lodge guides different than any other guides you’ll find.

We’ve been doing this longer and better than anyone in Alaska. We built one of the nicest lodges in Alaska. We have one of the nicest floatplane fleets in Alaska. Mother Nature has given us one of the most pristine and abundant fishing sanctuaries on this planet. And my guides provide the leadership, judgment, discretion and service to make sure you experience the best of what the Alaska Rainbow Lodge and Alaska’s Katmai National Park has to offer.

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This year, come to the Alaska Rainbow Lodge.

We look forward to seeing you.