A message from Ron Hayes:

Summer Preparations: Checking for Ice on the Kvichak

In a few weeks, a barge with our shipping container full of supplies, parts and equipment will leave the Port of Seattle, head to King Salmon, Alaska, and then up the Kvichak River to our lodge. This one-way trip is thousands of miles and takes several weeks – but the planning and coordination takes months and lots of experience.

How do we get it right? How do we make sure we have everything our customers could possibly need or want? Simple: we plan for anything and everything. Then we back up that plan with another “what if” plan. It just doesn’t make any sense to make a mistake at this point in the game.

When the barge arrives in King Salmon, I’ll be waiting there to meet it to double-check every last detail, all the parts and inventory. Then I’ll slowly fly my float plane up and down the Kvichak River looking for ice. One large piece of ice coming down that river can wipe out everything, from the dock to the barge and planes. I want to see for myself that the river is clear. If the river is clear, I’ll call back to King Salmon and send the barge up.

My crews and I will spend the next several weeks opening up the lodge, getting everything ready for our first customers of the season. The Alaska Rainbow Lodge is a very special place, and my job is to make absolutely certain every customer has the best experience that can be delivered. Perhaps that’s why 80 percent of our guests are returning customers.

If you’re still thinking about the Alaska Rainbow Lodge for fishing this summer, please call me today. We still have openings in June and July. And we prepared especially for you. Come fish with us this summer. Come fish the Alaska Rainbow Lodge.

As always, thanks for your business,
Ron Hayes