by Michael Bales, Head Guide at Alaska Rainbow Lodge


Imagine for a moment that you’re deep in the Alaskan wilderness. For the past three hours, you and your best friends have been fishing one of the most prolific trout and salmon streams in the world. You’ve watched bears harvest salmon, bald eagles soaring above the rivers, and you wonder; could life get any better than this?

Streamline dining in Alaska

Then you know, because your guide, Mike Dragon, has just opened the streamside kitchen and he’s about to prepare a lunch that you will talk about for years to come.


The guides at Alaska Rainbow Lodge are extremely proud of how and what food they serve to their guests by the rivers. They also love to eat and eat well. So they invest a great deal of time and preparation in every streamside meal. And they argue a lot over who is the best chef!


Today’s lunch begins with your choice of hors d’oeuvre along with a selection of wine, cold beer, sodas and water. While you’re enjoying this, Dragon is warming a large pot of homemade cream of potato soup with a selection of crackers laid out. There’s plenty, and the hot soup warms your soul. It’s absolutely delicious. Just when you think it can’t get any better, Dragon hands you a plate of fresh grilled silver salmon served with a sweet citrus glaze, roasted onions and potatoes. Dessert is a warmed homemade chocolate chip cookie and a cup of hot coffee.

Streamline dining in Alaska

Lunches like this often take reservations booked months in advance. Fortunately, Ron Hayes is accepting reservations now. Come have lunch with us in one of the wildest and most beautiful places on the planet. And along the way, we’ll help you catch the fish of your dreams.


Call Ron Hayes now. He will personally book your reservation. And we’ll keep the kitchen open just for you.