It’s Back this year, Join us in September at THE ILNIK SILVER CAMP

If you want to catch the biggest Rainbow Trout and Silver Salmon in your life, then read my story:

We’re booking a limited number of guests on the date of September 11-18 for REAL TROPHY RAINBOWS in Bristol Bay, and GIANT SILVERS at our remote Ilnik camp on the Alaska Peninsula. We’ve had hundreds of guests in the last thirty years go to our out camp at Ilnik. To those of you who remember this trip and want to do it again – this is the year. The rate is $8,400.00 per angler. When we have eight guests signed up we’re closing the opportunity. I’ve got two slots filled already. Spend four and a half days at Alaska Rainbow Lodge stalking and catching big Rainbows. Spend two days at our Alaska Peninsula camp for Silvers and Arctic Char. Lots of opportunity for those of you who want to shoot for birds.

A typical day at the Peninsula camp would go like this; Early morning – choice of bird hunting or Silver Salmon fishing, or a little of each. The Silver Salmon fishing here is the best in the World. These are big, fresh 12-20 pound Silvers. Dry fly fishing for them is incredible. Jet boat up the Ilnik River to the base of Mt Veniaminof volcano, a boat ride of 35 minutes. Along the way you may stop two or three times and walk up several flocks of Ptarmigan. It’s quite common to see a 100 birds on this 35 minute trip. At the end of your boat ride we arrive at the Arctic Char hole. This is the Ilnik River at its source, where it boils out of the ground after running several miles underground. The river originates from melting ice off Veniaminof Mt. Volcano. The trick here is try to catch and release two Char off one cast. The 500 ft. run is literally alive with spawning colored Char. Many times while you are fishing a flock of Ptarmigan will fly over and land nearby. Now it’s a decision whether to grab a shotgun or land this Char you have on. Two days can be spent at this wonderful camp. It’s a wild and remote place, 225 miles southwest of Alaska Rainbow Lodge.

Our new cabin is very comfortable, warm and we will eat like a King, specializing in what we catch and shoot. The area is teeming with wildlife. Hundreds of thousands of duck and geese stop here on their way South. Ptarmigan everywhere. The fishing is so good it’s almost indescribable. Join us – we’ll fly you there.  This is the greatest mixed-bag trip of the season. If this great trip doesn’t fit your schedule, remember we have some openings at a huge discount in June and July.


$4,875.00 for each two anglers. Five full days of fishing and six nights lodging. All daily fly-outs included. Everything furnished except your clothing after you arrive in King Salmon, Alaska. One angler pays full rate of $6,500.00 and can bring a partner for half price of $3,250.00. Split the fee and it’s $4,875.00 each. Comparing apples to apples, this is the best deal to be found in Bristol Bay.

In our last few BLOGs we described the fishing season as viewed through the eyes of Alaska Rainbow Lodge, including Bristol Bay and Katmai National Park  with my recommendations on the various fisheries.  August and September offers some of the best Rainbow Trout fishing available at any time during our season. The Big Boys are hard charged and feeding on their last food source of the year.

Some of the BEST places to fish as the season winds down are the rivers nearest to the lodge!  So come visit us in September, take a trip to the Alaska Peninsula for amazing char and Silver fishing and fish the Naknek River, the Kvichak River, and the BigKu for rainbows!  Truly some of the best trout fisheries in Alaska, all within a short flight or Jet Boat ride from ARL.

As always keep in touch with us on Facebook for constant updates, and You can always call Ron or Sharon for more information about an exciting trip to Alaska Rainbow Lodge.