As you peer out of your lodge window, you see the vast Alaskan wilderness greeting you with a good morning as you get ready for a full day of fishing. You spot another boat of anglers afloat enjoying an early morning cast. You gear up and put your game face on because it is time to head out and tango with prized Alaskan salmon. Your Alaska Rainbow salmon fishing guide makes sure everything is in order, and it’s time to take to the water for our all-time favorite season of all. 

Seasons for Salmon

Though there are usually a few different prized catches lurking beneath the waves, each salmon has a little bit of a different season. Being located near Bristol Bay, we tend to get the early portion of the salmon run every year. Salmon will swim from the saltwater sea every four years to the fresh waters they were born in to spawn and restart the cycle. Pink Salmon, Chum, and Sockeye salmon don’t tend to come into season until late July and finish out the end of our season strong into August and even September.

Kings, Sockeye, and Moving with the Seasons

The Sockeye Salmon is an early season salmon arriving in late June, but King Salmon tend to lead the charge closer to the beginning of June. Having availability to so many different waterways and the vast Bristol Bay, we have an advantage in finding areas that these monster catches migrate to as the seasons progress. As all of the salmon move further into the freshwater, each of the fourteen neighboring rivers allows us to reach areas further inland to keep up with them during their upstream fight to spawning grounds. 

Come and Hook Yours

As the seasons change and the fish move, you will certainly still bring in a bounty of different fish. Our professional and knowledgeable guides know these waters like the backs of their hands and can track where the fish are from day to day; helping you hunt down the best fish. If you are ready to experience the seasons of these incredible fish, visit us for memorable Alaska Rainbow salmon fishing. Once you cast your line and feel that tug, there is no doubt that you will be just as hooked on this amazing lifestyle as we are here at Alaska Rainbow Lodge. What are you waiting for? Take advantage of the rest of the season and catch your trophy salmon this year!