Your Perfect Slice of Wilderness

You and your group have finally decided to take that fishing trip to Alaska that you have been dreaming of for years. After flying over the sprawling wilderness, you arrive at our Alaskan fishing lodge. Surrounded mjp_6339by wildlife and the beautiful waters of the Kvichak River in Bristol Bay. You can see our fleet of floatplanes and boats sitting at the ready just waiting to take you out to the prime fishing spots, and the lodge sitting up the shore prepared to accommodate you and the crew. Alaska Rainbow Lodge has everything an angler would ever want for a memorable fishing experience.

Guides and Transportation

Alaska Rainbow Lodge has a team of experienced guides ready to help you get settled in and geared up to battle some monster catches that will leave any fisherman breaking a sweat. They are seasoned, licensed, and knowledgeable of the local waters to help you have an epic adventure.Our Beaver floatplanes and jetboats to take you out to the 40+ different streams surrounding the lodge so you can get to the best fishing spots safely and efficiently.

The Lodge is Waiting

The Alaska Rainbow Lodge is situated just above the Kvichak River where the largest Sockeye Salmon run in the world takes place every year in the summer. Equipped with 5 bedrooms with one queen bed, one extra long twin bed, and a private bathroom. The lodge also offers 3 outstanding meals a day. With a Blue ribbon chef on site and a constant supply of the freshest fish and ingredients flown in weekly, they will be sure to make your taste buds sing.

An Experience to Remember

Of course, fishing is the main attraction, but our Alaskan fishing lodge poses even more for its guests. The local wildlife is always moving and often makes a celebrity appearance for visitors. Often spotted are caribou, bears, moose, wolves, and of course fish taunting you by grabbing a bite on the water’s surface. Guests can spot these things comfortably in the lounge of the lodge while sipping a beverage of choice and socializing with good company. Alaska Rainbow Lodge is indeed a perfect slice of the wilderness to catch those once in a lifetime fish and make memories in a spectacular corner of the world.