by Michael Bales – Head Guide for Alaska Rainbow Lodge

It’s the time of year when many guests are trying to decide when they will visit Alaska Rainbow Lodge during the 2015 season.  Certainly,this is a very important decision, and in the next few updates, we’ll try to help shed some light on the fishing season during the summers in Alaska.

One of the things that many anglers don’t realize about fishing in Alaska, is that all of the fisheries are what we call “Pulse” fisheries.  By that I mean timing your trip in June will provide different angling opportunities  than late September as certain rivers are more likely to produce certain species at any given time.  All of the drainages in Bristol Bay are interconnected via rivers, creeks, and streams and eventually to the sea.  Salmon transition these routes at different intervals.  Generally speaking the Kings arrive early, followed by the sockeyes, chums & pinks, and then the silvers.  Not all rivers support all five(5) species, so its important to have this basic foundation of their spawning migration to effectively fish these watersheds.  Coming to the Kvichak or Naknek to fish in June can be fantastic for several species using several techniques.

Some of my favorite places and techniques to fish in the beginning of the season in June are as follows, based upon a five(5) day visit.  Next Blog I’ll let you in on some of the best fishing to be had in July!

1.  Swinging Leeches for rainbows and catching grayling on dry flies on the Kvichak

2. Swinging Leeches or Twitching fry and smolt patterns on the Naknek

3. Dry Fly fishing on Lower American for Arctic Char and Rainbow trout

4. Nymphing or Dry Fly Fishing the Brooks River

5. Swinging Leeches for rainbows and catching rainbows & grayling on dry flies on the BigKu

A June caught Rainbow Trout being released on the Naknek River caught fishing a fry pattern.

We have great fishing all season long, It just depends on what you want to catch and how you want to fish, stay tuned to the blog or keep up with us on FaceBook, as our next Update will cover Late June.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call or email Ron, Sharon or myself and we’ll be happy to get in touch with you.