I came to Alaska before this great land became a state in 1959. The country was wild and wide open to development, exploration and adventure. If you were man enough, you could carve out a piece of the wilderness and make it your own. I built and opened my first fishing lodge, Iliamna River Outfitters, in 1972. When I made the decision to build Alaska Rainbow Lodge in 1982, it was the fifth lodge of its kind in the entire state of Alaska. 2013 will be my 30th anniversary operating Alaska Rainbow Lodge and my 40th season fishing in the Bristol Bay watershed. Alaska Rainbow Lodge has become globally respected as the premier fly-out lodge in Alaska. Many have come and almost all have gone but we remain the original owners of our world-renowned fly-out fishing lodge.

Alaska Rainbow Lodge

We know what customers expect and how to approach 3,000 square miles of the best fisheries in the world. Our airplanes, our DeHaviland Beavers, are in tip-top shape and the workhorses of Alaskan business. Our pilots, combined, have over 10,000 hours of airtime with customers in the Bristol Bay region. Our airplane mechanic is the best in the world. Our fishing guides are both the best fishermen you’ll ever spend the day with and among the best guides you’ll ever learn from. Our lodge staff is thoughtful and caring. I’d doubt you would ever want or need for something that isn’t anticipated.

It’s taken me 40 years of hands-on experience to make Alaska Rainbow Lodge the only lodge of its kind in this great state. So when you are making a decision on who to fish with in 2013, I hope you’ll consider us. I trust you will become a lifelong customer, just like the many thousands who have come before. And I encourage you to take a few minutes to read our blog and our customer reviews from 2012 to become familiar with how we approach your Alaskan fishing adventure. Take the time to learn something about us. You’ll discover the substantial difference between my lodge and other lodges that attempt to offer you what we’ve been delivering to our anglers throughout our 40-year lodge history.


I hope to see you this year at the Alaska Rainbow Lodge, and I thank you for your consideration. Call me any time to discuss your Alaskan fishing adventure. I look forward to talking with you.