If you’re looking to schedule an early fall Alaskan fishing trip, make sure to check out this second edition of ‘Meet the Fish.’ Here at Alaska Rainbow Lodge, we are dedicated to helping our guests have the best fishing experience possible. Because of this, we believe it’s good practice to learn a bit about some of the fish you will be reeling in before you get to the Lodge. Alaska Rainbow Lodge is strategically located on one of the most productive fishing resources in the state: The Kvichak River.

This prime locale is one of the reasons our Lodge is among the best fishing destinations in the world. Every season – and well into fall – we pull a variety of Alaskan trophy fish from the waters of the mighty Kvichak River, providing you with great stories and lasting memories. Along with the Kvichak River, our guides assist you in exploring all the best rivers and streams of the Bristol Bay area. Schedule a late-season trip to Alaska Rainbow Lodge, and have a little more fun before winter hits!

Arctic Char

Available from June into October, Arctic Char is a great example of a fish you can expect on the line during your autumn stay. You’ll be able to recognize these fish by the white spotting on their darker bodies, and a white edge on their lower fins. Similar in looks and location, Arctic Char often get confused with Dolly Varden, a fish also found through October around the Kvichak River. The Arctic Char can reach up to 38 inches long and nearly 15 pounds.

Arctic Grayling

Another late-season catch you’re likely to encounter is the Arctic Grayling. As one of the visually distinct Alaskan fish, the Grayling are easy to identify. If you see a large dorsal fin and colorful markings on the end of your line, chances are you’ve got yourself a Grayling. Living off insects, smaller fish, and the occasional rodent, these fish live up to 32 years.

Northern Pike

The final featured fish that you will find on your fall Alaska Rainbow Lodge vacation is the Northern Pike. Identified by their broad flat head and razor-sharp teeth, the Northern Pike is another species found from early June through October. These predators are native to Alaska and are exhilarating to reel in.

Discover the Kvichak River

Make your way up to Alaska Rainbow Lodge this fall, and enjoy some fantastic late-season fishing. Take advantage of this world-class fishing lodge and experience the fruitful waters of the Kvichak River. If you’re serious about your fishing and want to begin reeling these prized species in, book your fall trip now and become part of the Alaskan fishing family.