by Michael Bales – Head Guide for Alaska Rainbow Lodge

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Late July into August things are rapidly changing in the Bristol Bay region and its surrounding watersheds, the Kings are all but gone, but the end of July brings the Chum and The Silver Salmon runs on our area rivers. It can also mean the beginning of small streams seeing the sockeye spawn and the rainbow trout and arctic char will be aggressively feeding on the first salmon eggs of the season.  As discussed in our last blog, we will focus on the fishing season in Alaska. This Blog we will cover (5) five days of different fishing to be had in late July to early August in Bristol Bay and Katmai National Park.  The Sockeye Salmon are still making their way to the various drainages to start their spawning process for the summer and some will start in early August.  The Silver Salmon or ‘Cohos’ will start to arrive making this a great time of year to target them with the fly rod or conventional tackle. Fresh chrome silver and chum salmon are down right Awesome when hooked on the fly. The following five days would be on my list of recommendations


Bright Chrome Silver caught from the Alagnak River on a popper.

One -Silver Salmon fishing on the famous Alagnak Scenic Wild River – Spend the morning stripping flies to pods of bright Chrome Silvers. You can fish from the banks our have your guide row you down the river positioning the boat for casts to pods of tailing fish fresh from the sea. You may even try to “PollyWog” a hot fish to the surface. Explosive takes are not uncommon ousting this method.

Two– Hike into many one of the small creeks in the region to fish for hard fighting rainbow trout on the tried and true Alaskan bead rigs. The Little Ku is a great choice this time of year, here you can sight fish to the rainbows as they dart around eating the first spawn of the year. Fishing for Rainbows as the bears chase sockeyes around in this small stream is exhilarating.  The little Ku is in the same drainage as other well known trout streams such as Moraine Creek, Battle Creek and the Big Ku.

Alaska Fly fishing

Sight fishing to Rainbow Trout

Alaska Trout Fishing

The Rainbow Trout migrate into the Little Ku from Kukaklek Lake, one of the largest lakes in Alaska.

Three-Char and Rainbow fishing on the Lower American creek continues to be strong this time of the season. It is easily possible to catch over 50 fish per day on this stream almost every day of the season.  Spend the morning hiking the braids and channels fishing for rainbows and char using bead patterns and flesh flies.


Wade fishing the Lower American for Char and Rainbow Trout

Four-The Kamishak River for coastal run Dolly Varden and Chum or Pink Salmon. During this time of year you can catch Pinks(even years), Chums, Silvers, and Dolly Varden in the same day.

Alaska Fishing

Fly Fishing for Salmon and Dolly Varden on the Kamishak River

Alaska Salmon Fishing

Chum Salmon from the Kamishak River in Late July

Five-It is STILL a great time to take a jet boat ride up the pristine and remote SECRET River, where we can target rainbow trout and fat and colorful arctic char who will be feeding on the flesh and any leftover eggs from the Spawned out Kings.  You can spend a day on this river catching fish and never see another person.

Alaska Fishing

Catching Beautiful Char on our SECRET river.

Whether you target rainbow trout and arctic char in a small stream or bright chrome silvers in a coastal river, Late July into early August offer anglers the chance at multiple species on multiple rivers that we fish each and every day. This a prime time to experience what Alaska has to offer.  Be sure to stay in touch with us FaceBook for constant updates.  You can also check us out on TripAdvisor and visit our website for more of Ron’s Old Alaska Stories, as well as photos  and information about fishing in Katmai National Park and Bristol Bay with Alaska Rainbow Lodge.