by Michael Bales Head Guide for Alaska Rainbow Lodge.

Alaska Fishing


We have had alot of good stuff going on these past few weeks. We have completed our shipment requirements for building supplies for the new cabins coming in from Seattle for this year, and we even puchashed ourselves another 4WD Mule to help shuttle clients, gear, freight and equipment to the airplanes at the dock!  These are just a few of the tasks to get completed as we continue to get ready for this fishing season at Alaska Rainbow Lodge.

This is the also the time of year that we really start ramping up our marketing and booking activity for this summer and to that end we are releasing a sneak peek trailer to our upcoming video! You can view it via the link below or on our facebook page. Comments and suggestions are always welcomed.

Thanks to the entire group of folks(too many to list) who helped out with this project! We are very excited about the upcoming finished product!

Some of you may have also seen on a prior post that Ron’s old fishing and hunting stories will contiune to be uploaded. As you might expect, this is quite a task. Many of you have asked us to keep them coming….Check out the ARL website for more of his great stories at

Sharon is in the final process of editing and compiling them as I write this.  Stay Tuned for updates in the coming days..

We do still have some openings for this season but are filling up fast! If you would like to discuss open dates or fishing packages, please give Ron or Sharon a call. You can also drop us an email(you will get a response within hours!!)  We love to talk about fishing in Alaska, Bristol Bay and Katmai National Park.