This week we take a look at three very special guides, Hatcher, Tango and Phoebe. Hatcher Freeland is an Alaskan native who has been living in the Fairbanks area for the last year and a half before he joined our staff here at Alaska Rainbow Lodge as a first year guide. Hatcher enjoys early morning strolls along the beach while eating and rolling in stinky fish carcasses, biting porcupines, barking at foxes and fishing with his Daddy, Jad Freeland. His favorite species to fish for( or more correctly, lick and kiss) is Rainbow trout and the occasional Grayling! When Hatcher is not guiding he can be found curled up in a tight ball on the dock, or under a tree dreaming of less buggy places and belly scratchings!

img_1618You may recognize guide Tango Ferguson from previous years here at the lodge. Tango is an 8yr return guide here at the lodge and plans to keep returning as long as there’s salmon carcasses washed ashore for him to roll around in! His favorite species to fish for, aside from the obvious dead Sockeye, is the dog salmon(Chum salmon). When Tango isn’t busy searching out the smelliest spot along the river to bathe in, he can be found wrestling with Hatcher, chewing on rocks, destroying and eating tree limbs and is obsessed with playing fetch and swimming.


Phoebe Ottman joins us for her second year here at Alaska Rainbow Lodge coming all the way from New York! Phoebe is a quiet, but very social butterfly that can be seen refereeing Hatcher and Tango as they play in the yard. Though this is only her second year at the lodge Phoebe is completely comfortable running around telling others what to do and making sure it’s done her way. When not trying to steal food from her fellow mascot guides, she will be found laying in the sun waiting for belly rubs or someone to play fetch with. Phoebe’s favorite activities are riding in the boat while fishing for Kings and helping with yard work!