The allure of fly fishing in Alaska revolves around three factors: beautiful scenery, a plentiful fish population, and unrivaled seclusion. As many people know, most locations are so remote that anglers and other outdoor enthusiasts take airplanes to their destinations due to the lack of roads. Alaska Rainbow Lodge provides fly-outs to rivers containing healthy numbers of the five native Alaskan species: king, silver (coho), sockeye (red salmon), chum, and pink (humpback) salmon, all of which are highly sought after fish in Alaska.

Maximizing Your Alaska Fishing Charter

Knowing when to fish is the most important factor when targeting a species. Here’s a brief guide for Alaska’s five native salmon species and when to target them:

King Salmon

Typical start time: Early June

Peak time: June 22 – July 14

Sockeye (Red Salmon)

Typical start time: Late June

Peak time: June 22 – July 4

Silver Salmon (Coho)

Typical start time: Late July

Peak time: August 7-21


Typical start time: Late June

Peak time: August 1-14

Pink Salmon

Typical start time: Early July

Peak time: July 14 – August 14

Where to Fish While You’re Here

Since there are so many options for fly fishing in Alaska, we’ve taken the liberty to narrow down your destinations to three main locales that are abundant with Alaska fish and wildlife: the Alagnak, Naknek, and Nushagak Rivers.  

Alagnak River

The Alagnak River is a 64-mile tributary of the Kvichak and is one of the most important rivers for sport fishing, canoeing, and kayaking in Alaska. Portage is possible but difficult, and rapid levels range from Class I to III in the ravine and are dangerous for novices. Due to the large numbers of salmon, you won’t be the only party fishing here as both grizzly and black bears can be seen partaking in the fish buffet, especially during the Alaska fishing season.

Naknek River

The Naknek River is a 35-mile stream that feeds into Kvichak Bay and is best known for its vibrant sockeye population. The Naknek headwaters originate within the Katmai National Park and Preserve, meaning your catch comes from a protected and pristine environment that provides an unscathed breeding ground for trophy salmon making their way towards your fly.  

Nushagak River 

The Nushagak is a 275-mile, Class I river known for its massive salmon runs beginning in early June. It is estimated to produce nearly 50 percent of the world’s wild salmon and serves as a major source of commercial, subsistence, and sport fishing activities that support the state and local economies.   

Not All Alaska Fly Fishing Lodges Are Created Equal

Two proud anglers gleefully hoist their bounty.Now that you’ve gotten a rundown of what to expect in our neck of the woods, it’s time to find a suitable place to post up and take these plans one step further. Our cedar framed lodge is 4,600 square feet and features a large living room, dining room, kitchen, lounge, and five double-occupancy bedrooms with private bathrooms. There are also six guest cabins; each equipped with a single bedroom. Alaska Rainbow Lodge has top-notch accommodations and hospitality that will almost make you feel like you’re at home until you step outside.

Unlike some lodges that pack all their guests in one flight, have a limited number of airplanes, or only fly-out a few days out of the week, Alaska Rainbow Lodge has daily fly-outs with multiple aircrafts. We guarantee your pilot will find rivers with the highest fish densities, and, if the weather turns inclement, then you’ll be here fishing the banks of the Kvichak. Your hosts, Chip and Amanda Ferguson, are certified fishing guides and will go above and beyond to help you create a memorable voyage. Please call 1-800-451-6198 to get the reel turning, plan your next adventure, and find out how Alaska Rainbow Lodge can accommodate your next fly-fishing adventure.