Alaska is known for many different things; the famous Iditarod, the array of unique wildlife, stunning landscapes, rich history of culture, and of course fishing experiences like no other area of the world. Here at Alaska Rainbow Lodge, we love our surrounding state and where we live. Not only do we wake up to breathtaking views but some of the world’s best fishing is right outside our doorstep. Come and experience fly fishing Alaska and all of our great state’s unforgettable traits. 

Why Fish Here

We are incredibly lucky to have such a perfect location here at Alaska Rainbow Lodge. We are located near Bristol Bay and the well known Alagnak River; both are hot spots for fishing prized salmon. We also have access to 14 different waterways that allow us to follow fish to where they migrate throughout the seasons. Our guides track down the best spots and are able to get you to the perfect spot with our variety of transportation. Having knowledgeable guides and easy transit allows you to spend the most time out on the water possible for full days of fishing and adventures. 

Only the Best

We have a few floatplanes and several fishing boats to get you to where the fish are flourishing quickly and safely. We always make sure our equipment is in top running condition and our guides are skilled in navigating the area, so you know you are in good hands. We have fantastic lodging so that you know you will have comfortable whether you have a group or are traveling solo. Our lodge also offers mouth-watering meals made on-site with fresh ingredients for tasty meals during your stay. 

Share the Experience

When you visit us at Alaska Rainbow Lodge, you will find all of this along with the best fly fishing Alaska has to offer. Whether you are on a mission for the whopper king salmon or out to catch a little bit of everything and have a blast doing it, Alaska Rainbow Lodge has it all. Every aspect of our lodge creates the perfect environment for anglers of all experience levels and even offers a few none-fishing adventures. You will be sure to get the full experience of Alaska when you stay with us. Book your next stay and share the experience by visiting our website or giving us a call at (800) 451-6198. We can not wait to show you why we love Alaska so much!