You are wading in the bend of a beautiful Alaskan waterway with a line cast and the breeze brushing your face. You feel a tug, and you begin the exciting battle of bringing in your catch. This experience is what fly fishing in Alaska is all about. Alaska Rainbow Lodge is the destination to make this mental picture come to full color and life with a fly fishing adventure of a lifetime..

Why You Need To Experience It At Least Once

Fly fishing is considered one of the most exhilarating and pure methods of Alaskan fishing. To be out in the water or just onshore and casting a line out in wait for a prized trout or grayling is what the experiences at Alaska Rainbow Lodge are all about. Fly fishing in Alaska is an excursion every angler should try out at least once in their lifetime. Fly fishing is one of the most outstanding ways to experience the Alaskan wilderness up close and personal by taking a short plane ride out from the lodge and hiking the rest of the way through the terrain to the best fishing spots or enjoying a ride in one of our 40 lodge owned boats.

Wear The Gear You Love

For a comfortable and pleasant experience out, the right gear is crucial to have. Many avid anglers have their favorite set of gear that they bring out on trips, but it is necessary to pack only the essentials so you can avoid packing too heavily. Wearing clothing that you are comfortable in can make all the difference when on your fishing excursion. High quality chest waders and rain jacket are a must. Nobody wants to be out in the Alaskan wilderness in uncomfortable clothing or soaked to the bone. Having gear that fits you and keeps you dry will help make your fly fishing trip comfortable and enjoyable no matter the weather.

Catches To Remember

Aside from the magnificent views and incredible wildlife, the fish are what anglers come for. Alaska Rainbow Lodge has access to over 30 rivers and streams with seasoned guides to get you there safely. Three De-Havilland Beaver  floatplanes and numerous boats are at the ready to take you out for an incredible experience in the most remote areas of SW Alaska. If you are ready for your very own Alaskan fly fishing excursion, give Alaska Rainbow Lodge a call at (800) 451-6198 or visit our website. Start planning your epic fly fishing experience and get out to the Alaskan wilderness.