Alaska Fishing Resources

Here are some links that may help you to better prepare for your trip to the Best Alaska Fly Fishing Lodge! PERIOD!

We receive many questions about what to bring on your trip to the Best Alaska Fly Fishing Lodge.  There are many equipment manufacturers out there who provide quality equipment, and below are just a few suggestions.  You should also read our What to Bring list on our website for specifics on your trip to Alaska.  There are additional links and resources further below to use for research about what to expect, industry news and various vendors we use here at Alaska Rainbow Lodge.  As Always, if you have any questions you can contact us directly.

Fishing Resources

Without Equal

There are at least four other Alaska fishing lodges with the word “Rainbow” in their name. We are the only Alaska Rainbow Lodge. Imitated, yes… equaled, never. Accept no substitutes.

Look for our logo. It’s a trout rising out of a map of the state of Alaska. We will gladly furnish a list of references. Better yet, check our Guest Testimonials collection or see what our regular customers are saying on Facebook and TripAdvisor.

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