During the summer Alaska fishing season in Southwest Alaska, you’ll be able to explore as many as 30 rivers and streams around Alaska Rainbow Lodge. We feature world-class river-based fishing and fly out daily from the lodge so that you’re able to fish in Alaska in the rivers with the highest concentration of fish. Throughout your stay, you’ll be located right on the Kvichak, which is one of the best spots to cast a line. The Kvichak River is well-known for producing Trophy Rainbow Trout, which means they’re above 30-inches, which is quite rare, even in Alaska. In addition to Rainbow Trout, rivers and streams in Southwest Alaska are teeming with runs of other species of fish, and we’ll go over the most popular. 

The Variety of Species

The prime salmon Alaska fishing season for King begins in June, which means where there are King, there are Dolly Varden and Trophy Rainbow Trout. During this time, you can also expect to have Alaska fishing opportunities to battle with Arctic Char, Grayling, as well as Sockeye in Southwest Alaska. While Kings frequent the area during early June, Sockeye makes an entrance shortly after, and both are mostly gone by August. In addition to fishing for Trophy Rainbow Trout, the river is known for having a tremendous Sockeye salmon run

Because the Kvichak River is full of food for the fish in Alaska, you’ll even find that the small Arctic Grayling are on the large side. After the Sockeye and King Alaska fishing season begins to taper off at the end of July, you’ll find the rest of the five species—Pink, Chum, and Silver salmon—from August to October. Depending on the yearly influx of salmon, you’ll see Trophy Rainbow Trout, Dolly Varden, Big Northern Pike, and Arctic Char year-round. 

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Prior to booking your stay at the Alaska Rainbow Lodge, we encourage you to select the Alaska fishing season dates you’d like to come. Doing your research for a once-in-a-lifetime Alaska fishing trip is worth every minute so that when you arrive, you’ll know what to expect. Our expert guides will teach you tips, tricks, and new techniques along the way. We encourage all of our guests to take a look at our What to Bring Guide on our website. You can book your reservation by calling 1-972-544-2050, or you can fill out our Fly Fishing Trip Form online.