Guide Confessions: Evenings at the Lodge

The planes have landed. The fishermen have stored their rods, hung up their jackets and waders, and placed their wet boots in our mudroom. Showered and dressed in comfortable clothes, they all gather in our spacious lounge, casually sipping cool drinks while tasting hors d’oeuvres of smoked salmon, fresh fruit and pate. Tales of the day’s adventures, of mighty battles, of fish lost and fish won, fill the room. I can see it on every face. I hear it in their stories – how they describe everything in marvelous detail – hoping that the time, the people and place will forever be remembered precisely as they were. This is my favorite time at the Alaska Rainbow Lodge.

In about an hour, we will all sit down for a remarkable dinner, served course by course with a fine wine. Ron Hayes, our legendary owner, will tell a story spanning 50 years of hunting, flying, fishing and survival in the rugged outback of Alaska that you will never forget. Never.

This is Alaska. This is the Alaska Rainbow Lodge. There is only one Ron Hayes and his stories and adventures will last forever. Just like the memories you’ll make every day when you come.

I look forward to fishing with you at the Alaska Rainbow Lodge. Book your trip today. Call Ron Hayes. He’s looking forward to your call.


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