It may not seem like it at the moment, but we’re fast approaching the highly-anticipated summer fishing season here at Alaska Rainbow Lodge near King Salmon, Alaska. The professional, experienced folks here at Alaska Rainbow Lodge have been making dreams come true since our Bristol Bay lodge was built in 1982. There is no better time to research and book a well-deserved Alaska fishing trip than during winter’s off-season as we’re typically fully booked well before summer’s arrival. To help you better understand why we’re one of the best Alaska fishing lodges, we’ve compiled seven reasons to visit Alaska Rainbow Lodge this summer.

Reasons to Visit Alaska Rainbow Lodge

  1. Salmon Fishing in Alaska – We have prime access to over 30 different rivers, bays, and lakes, so you’ll always return home with your limit fulfilled. Depending on when you arrive, you’ll be reeling in monster kings, feisty silvers, chums, pinks, and sockeyes on the Kvichak River, the largest sockeye salmon run in the world.
  2. Five-Star Gourmet Cuisine – Our all-inclusive culinary experience here at Alaska Rainbow Lodge genuinely blows our guests away. Anglers arrive with their eyes on the prize (salmon and trout) but are pleasantly surprised to discover our delicious five-star cuisine. 
  3. All-Inclusive Luxuries – The week-long fishing experience here at one of the premier Alaska fishing lodges is entirely all-inclusive. Everything from fish packaging to transportation from nearby Anchorage is included in the trip. Our package encompasses all meals, drinks (beer and wine included), overnight accommodations, fishing guides, and so much more!
  4. Fishing Variety – As mentioned earlier, we guide visiting anglers to over 30 different rivers, bays, and lakes, including the Kvichak, Alagnak, Naknek, Nushagak, and Kukalak rivers. Each river and creek is more beautiful than the last! We’ll save our favorite hidden gems for your upcoming visit.
  5. Guest-to-Guide Ratio – Anglers are genuinely surprised to discover that we have a strict guest-to-guide ratio (one guide for every two anglers). This ratio ensures that your visit to Bristol Bay goes swimmingly whether you’re a seasoned professional or a beginner, which is how we’ve become the premier Bristol Bay lodge.
  6. Naturally Beautiful Alaska – Every inch of our natural wilderness is utterly beautiful. You’ll witness snow-capped mountains, picturesque teal rivers, and breathtaking wildlife around nearly every corner.
  7. Guiding Experience – Last but certainly not least, Alaska Rainbow Lodge always has 50-plus years of experience between our guides. We’re the oldest and most-respected Alaska fishing lodge in the Bristol Bay area. Give us a call today at 1-800-451-6198 to book a well-deserved fishing adventure to the Last Frontier!