At Alaska Rainbow Lodge, our guides have fished during every season, know the currents, wildlife, and where to catch an abundance of fish in Bristol Bay. We can’t begin to tell you the importance of having a guide while you’re out on the Alaskan waters. For every two guests fishing, we provide one guide each trip so that you’re able to get the most success out of your trip! Whether you’re fly fishing near our Alaska fishing resorts, or out on Bristol Bay fishing during the salmon season we’ll provide an experienced angler to show you the ropes! 

Meet Our Guides

Our Alaska fishing guides are Coast Guard licensed and will be the reason you come back year after year. When you arrive at our lodge during the Alaska fishing season, you’ll come to realize fishing in Alaska is unlike any other experience you’ve had before. For the beginner, our friendly guides will provide essential tips on fishing so that you’re able to fish the Bristol Bay waters safely. Experienced anglers will learn particular, subtle techniques that are vital in capturing a larger fish. Since you may not always have time to fish, or when you’re not out on the water consistently, a helpful guide will be right by your side and will be the glue to a fantastic fishing experience. 

Daily Adventures

Not only will our guides be there to help you with new techniques, but they also will select various destinations to fish. Every day you will be at a different location fishing the rivers and streams nearby. Our guides go the extra mile in answering any questions you may have during the trip, and provide continuous information as you fish. Our anglers are eager and energetic because they have an absolute love for Alaska fishing in Bristol Bay. We fish over 30 rivers near our lodge, and our safe floatplanes will give access to the best areas to set out for the day depending on the weather and circumstances! 

Beautiful Alaska Fishing Resorts

Get ready to have a blast while you do some of the best fishing in Alaska at Alaska Rainbow Lodge. Our guides are awaiting your arrival, and are ready to give you new tips and tricks during your Bristol Bay fishing adventure! During your stay, you’ll be pampered with daily meals— whether it’s your freshly caught salmon during the evening, or a hot shore lunch during your daily adventure. Look over our reviews, and you’ll see why Alaska Rainbow Lodge is your world-class fishing destination! To book your Alaska fishing adventure to fish the beautiful freshwaters of Bristol Bay, give us a call at 1-800-451-6198.