There’s a reason they call it fishing and not catching. Death and taxes are the only guarantees in life, and angling is no different. A fly, bait, or lure that was used previously to limit-out on eaters can come up with nothing but weeds and chub the following day, and being in an unfamiliar setting will only make things more difficult. 

We highly recommend you hire a guide to help make the most of your Alaska fishing trip. Now, we appreciate the stoic, can-do mentality shared by many fishermen and women. Still, when you merge the determination and grit of an avid angler with the unrivaled competence and know-how of a Bristol Bay fishing guide, you make a winning combination. Below we present four reasons to hire an Alaskan fishing guide.

4 Reasons to Hire an Alaskan Fishing Guide


Like most endeavors, a majority of what we learn on the water comes from experimentation and what we’ve learned from others. To acknowledge that you don’t know everything about fishing in Alaska is half the battle. After all, the challenge is what attracts people to this sport, and a guide will teach you the best methods for their stomping grounds in little time. Ask questions, take notes, and above all, try something new. 

Easier to Travel

Humans are creatures of habit, so many of us feel vulnerable or uncertain without their gear. The reality is that it’s much easier to travel when guides can provide you with the specific equipment you need, so you don’t need to lug around your whole arsenal. An Alaskan fishing guide will not just have rods and reels for you, but also the appropriate line, tackle, and bait for what you’re targeting. 

It’s Their Job to Put You on Fish

Think about the last time you took someone fishing to your honey hole. You may have shared a great story about how you hammered your personal best there, but now that you’ve got a friend in the boat, all you can think about is living up to that good day you had. Hiring a guide takes some of the pressure off you to locate and catch the fish. When you go with an Alaskan fishing guide, they will be taking you to places you may have never thought of or seen before. 

Build Rapport With a Local Master

Ideally, you will find a guide that you meld with, making your time on the water all the more special. Building a good relationship with your guide can make you a preferred client when you return, which can only benefit you on future trips. The best customers are those who have a great experience and are willing to spread the wealth by sharing their guide’s business cards. Be sure to tell your friends to let their guide know who sent them!

Remote Alaska Fly Fishing with Alaska Rainbow Lodge

A smiling Alaskan fishing guide gets ready to depart from the shore in his drift boat.Alaska Rainbow Lodge has daily fly-outs with multiple aircraft so that you won’t have to pack in with other guests on one flight. Your pilot and guide will find rivers with the highest fish densities, and if the weather prohibits flying, you can stay at our lodge and fish from the banks of the Kvichak River. Alaskan fishing lodges aren’t all the same, so please call us at 1-800-451-6198 to find out why Alaska Rainbow Lodge is one of the best.