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Alaska Rainbow Lodge Blog

Romantic Mid-summer Honeymoon or Anniversary Fishing Trips

While it’s still winter in Alaska, it’s interesting to think that the cold season is almost over, and we’re quickly approaching yet another prime Alaska fishing season. Because it’s the season of love, why not start planning your upcoming romantic anniversary trips to Alaska Rainbow Lodge as your gift for Valentine’s Day. For the adventurous, outdoorsy couple, Alaska fishing will be a great way to create life-lasting memories together. Here’s [...]

What You’ll Expect Catch during the Alaska Fishing Season

During the summer Alaska fishing season in Southwest Alaska, you’ll be able to explore as many as 30 rivers and streams around Alaska Rainbow Lodge. We feature world-class river-based fishing and fly out daily from the lodge so that you’re able to fish in Alaska in the rivers with the highest concentration of fish. Throughout your stay, you’ll be located right on the Kvichak, which is one of the best [...]

5 Reasons Why an Alaska Fishing Trip Will Improve Your Health

The best part about fishing while staying at Alaska Rainbow Lodge is that you’ll be improving your health in the process. Several health benefits happen through the act of an Alaska fishing adventure. Not only will you enjoy life away from the busy city, but you’ll also be lowering your blood pressure at the same time. Without further ado, here are five health benefits that you’ll get from Alaska fishing [...]

Give the Gift Catching Fish in Alaska this Holiday

The holidays are quickly approaching, and you may not have the slightest clue on what to get your significant other. Why not give the gift of catching fish in Alaska at Alaska Rainbow Lodge? Perhaps you and your siblings could pool your money and get your dad the best gift he's ever received! Not only will you be giving the gift to fish in Alaska, but you'll also be giving [...]

Father-Son Adventures in Alaska

There comes a time in life when you realize that your kids are growing up all too quickly, which is why planning your father-son adventures now is an absolute must! Alaska Rainbow Lodge provides the perfect escape for your father and son activities away from the hectic work schedules, home life, and the daily grind. Our experienced Alaska fishing guides will be there every step of the way as you [...]

Beautiful Alaska Wildlife

The Southwest Alaska region includes 40,000 square miles of a beautiful landscape that is made up of wetlands, wild stretches of land, streams, and rivers that flow into Bristol Bay. The Alaska wildlife that surrounds Alaska Rainbow Lodge is healthily populated and comes in vast quantities. While salmon is the lifeblood of the local economy, there is a large variety of different kinds of marine life and animals that call [...]

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