Summer is slowly coming to a close, but the fishing season in Alaska is still in full swing! Here at Alaska Rainbow Lodge, our guests continue to enjoy some of the best fishing in Alaska well into the later summer months and even into autumn. Our gorgeous remote location on the fertile Kvichak River provides visitors with access to numerous native species. Be ready for these late-summer trophy catches to put up a fight. Here are a few of the fish you’ll encounter when you make your way to our lodge to take part in some of the best fishing in Alaska.

Fall Rainbow Trout

As some of the most sought-after fish, our Rainbow Trout grow to become the largest in the world. At our remote Bristol Bay location you can find these beauties up to 30 inches long and with weights around 18 pounds! Many people prefer the later summer months for fishing the larger variety of this incredible species, and at Alaska Rainbow Lodge we catch Fall Rainbow Trout all throughout September.

Silver Salmon

This is the fight we were talking about. The Silver Salmon is one of the more aggressive catches you will find while enjoying the best fishing in Alaska. Get a firm hold on your rod and reel as these Salmon will breach the water when hooked flying feet into the air. You can experience this exciting and rewarding catch from late July until September 25th at our premier Alaskan fishing lodge.

Pink Salmon

Another popular late-summer species is the Alaskan Pink Salmon. As some of the smallest fish you will find during your stay in Alaska, you can expect to catch and release up to 50 a day. There’s just something incredibly satisfying about casting a line and immediately reeling in a beautiful Alaskan Salmon. 

The Best Fishing in Alaska

Autumn is approaching fast, and it’s time to enjoy some of the best fishing in Alaska. Make a visit out to Alaska Rainbow Lodge and experience this breathtaking remote location and unbelievable Alaskan fishing.