During your stay at Alaska Rainbow Lodge, our blue-ribbon chefs will provide daily meals as you’re out relishing some of the best fishing in Alaska. You’ll indulge in mouth-watering, freshly prepared meals at the lodge after you’ve had a long day of fishing. You may be wondering what to do with all of that freshly caught salmon when you arrive back home, or heck, how to cook salmon! Salmon has a quality freezer life of four to eight months, and we’ll freezer pack and vacuum seal your fish for you, so you know it’s perfectly packaged. Let us guide you on a simple way to prep your fish after the Alaska fishing season has come to an end!

How to Prep Salmon

One way many people prepare salmon is by baking their thawed salmon in an oven that’s been set to 400°F. To keep it simple, the only kitchen items you’ll need to cook your fish are kosher salt, pepper, olive oil, a baking pan, aluminum foil, and lemon. Layout the aluminum foil on a baking pan and lightly oil the foil so that the salmon does not stick. Before placing the salmon skin-side down, be sure to blot the salmon dry, brush the salmon with olive oil, and sprinkle desired seasonings such as salt and pepper over the salmon’s skinless side. Whether you’re grilling, baking, or pan frying, this is a basic way to prep your fish. 

Bake Your Salmon

Place two thin lemon slices on the foil, and place the salmon over the lemons. Wrap the foil around your fish, and place in the preheated oven for 12–15 minutes or until the salmon’s internal temperature reaches 135–140°F. It’s important that the salmon eventually reaches the desired 145°F; however, since the cooked salmon’s temperature continues to rise outside of the oven over five minutes you’ll want to remove it from the stove to avoid your fish becoming too dry. Spritz the salmon the lemon and enjoy!

Beautiful Alaska Fishing Lodges

When you’re wondering how to cook salmon, baking is a simple option for those who don’t own a smoker or grill. If you’d like to further your education on how to prepare a salmon on the grill, All Recipes provides an excellent recipe that delivers tasty results. Before heading back home, we’ll vacuum seal, pack, and put your salmon in a wet-lock box for safe traveling, and it’s all included with no additional cost. All meals and beverages, including alcoholic and non-alcoholic, will be covered during your stay. To learn more about the lodge, email us at info@alaskarainbowlodge.com.