The Southwest Alaska region includes 40,000 square miles of a beautiful landscape that is made up of wetlands, wild stretches of land, streams, and rivers that flow into Bristol Bay. The Alaska wildlife that surrounds Alaska Rainbow Lodge is healthily populated and comes in vast quantities. While salmon is the lifeblood of the local economy, there is a large variety of different kinds of marine life and animals that call the Bristol Bay region home. Not only do we provide the opportunity for some of the best fishing in Alaska, but you’ll also be able to spot abundant Alaska wildlife during your stay. 

Bristol Bay Marine Life

Five species of Pacific salmon reside in the waters of Bristol Bay⁠— king, coho, chum, sockeye and pink. Eight rivers drain into Bristol Bay and provide a variety of species aside from salmon including Dolly Varden, rainbow trout, grayling, lake trout, northern pike, and arctic char. While in Alaska there are many other marine mammals you’ll pass by while out in Bristol Bay fishing. Don’t be surprised when you see a river otter close to shore as well as beavers, walruses, and seals splashing about. The waters of the bay in Alaska are also home to larger marine mammals such as whales and orcas. Above the water, you’ll find migratory birds flying overhead, waterfowl, and bald eagles. Fishing in Alaska is a nature lovers dream and provides the opportunity to be surrounded by immaculate Alaska wildlife.

Southwest Region Land Animals

One reason as to why we’re one of the best Alaska fishing resorts is that countless beautiful animals populate our region. While fly fishing in Alaska you could spend a peaceful morning on the rivers or lakes near Alaska Rainbow Lodge with the company of a gorgeous black bear. As for primary sources of food aside from salmon, many native communities eat moose, ducks, geese, and caribou as they densely populated the area. Along with those listed you may also encounter foxes, wolves, porcupines and grizzly bears.

Premier Alaska Fishing Lodges

Eager AnglerThere’s never a bad day fishing in Alaska during your stay at Alaska Rainbow Lodge as the waters are heavily populated with wide varieties of fish. Book your stay for the best Alaska fishing season early to ensure your spot at our lodge. We’ll teach you how to use the fly-fishing gear and traditional and new techniques for fishing. Have a once in a lifetime trip with breathtaking landscape and unique opportunities for viewing Alaska wildlife. To receive more information about planning an upcoming trip, email