by Michael Bales – Head Guide for Alaska Rainbow Lodge

Things are staying busy here at ARL this week.  With the season getting closer, many folks are calling in to ask about last minute bookings and date availability.  (We do have a few spots left for our discounted trips!!)  Ron and Sharon have been busy sending out reservation forms and fielding phone calls and emails.  All in preparation for the 2014 season at Alaska Rainbow Lodge.


What do you want to catch this year at Alaska Rainbow Lodge? We have the best Salmon and Rainbow Trout fishing in the world, without exception. We also have all the knowledge, airplanes, boats, guides and gear to get you on the fish. All you have to do is choose what species you want to chase.

If you want to fish for King Salmon, Rainbows, arctic char and Grayling, come to the lodge in June and July.
If you want to fish for King Salmon, Rainbows and Sockeye Salmon, come to the lodge in June and July.
And finally, If you want to chase huge trophy Rainbow Trout, arctic char and Silver Salmon, come to the lodge late August through the third week of September.


Our website has detailed information about when to fish and what to fish – so you can pinpoint the exact dates that meet your Alaska fishing goals. And, as you all know, we are always available to help you plan your trip and offer any assistance on when to visit.  You can also stay in touch with us on Facebook 

Give us a call now to plan your Alaska 2014 fishing adventure!