Booking a stay at Alaska Rainbow Lodge in Bristol Bay will undoubtedly lead to a large load of salmon. Since there is an excellent chance you’ll have a bountiful excursion on the Kvichak River, deciding what to do with your fish can sometimes be the most challenging aspect of salmon fishing in Alaska. Many seasoned anglers prefer to brush on some olive oil or their favorite marinade and call it good. However, considering how much salmon you could potentially catch, it’s probably in your best interest to learn a few other ways to prepare this delectable ocean offering. Today we’d like to share three of our favorite Alaskan salmon recipes with you to provide a few new ideas on what to do with your massive haul after returning from the best Bristol Bay fishing lodge. 

Our Top 3 Alaskan Salmon Recipes

There are many Alaskan salmon recipes to choose from, so don’t get bored by repeatedly eating the same entree with slight variations to side dishes. While it’s never a bad idea to stick with what you know, we encourage you to branch out a bit and get out of your comfort zone. After all, isn’t that what an Alaskan vacation is all about? Without further ado, we present our four favorite ways to prepare Alaskan salmon. 

Finnish Salmon Casserole (Laxlada)

This award-winning recipe is borrowed from Finland and utilizes a Dutch oven to create a hearty casserole that’s sure to provide energy and comfort. Unlike many dishes, this entree can sometimes taste better as leftovers. Often served with rye bread and green beans or mixed vegetables, this satisfying course is perfect for a rainy day.

Cream Spinach-Stuffed Salmon

This flavorful combination of salmon, cheese, and spinach looks complicated, but it’s quite simple. If you’ve never had fish and cheese together, this is a great entree to consider. Sure to impress even the most discerning palates, simply follow the directions and watch as your dinner guests marvel at your culinary prowess. 

Salmon Burgers

An excellent health-conscious alternative to the traditional beef, these salmon burgers are sure to satiate even the most ravenous appetites. Because there isn’t much filler, these patties can be somewhat delicate, so be sure they’re seared nicely before flipping. A zestful, yet sweet lemon undertone combines magnificently with the savory flavor of scallions and cayenne pepper’s tingling sensation. 

Experience An Elite Best Bristol Bay Fishing Lodge

Bristol Bay and the Kvichak River continue to support an abundance of salmon, making them one of the most premier destinations for salmon fishing in Alaska, if not the world! As such, it’s essential to consider deviating from some of the most familiar Alaskan salmon recipes and try something new. Now that you’ve got a few ideas on the best way to cook salmon, it’s time to start planning your trip! For more information or to make a reservation, please contact us online or call 800-451-6198.