Things have really been busy this week here at Alaska Rainbow Lodge.  After several days of running around Anchorage collecting Food items, boat window glass, bilge pumps, ironwork, miscellaneous hardware, etc..We are finally ON OUR WAY to the lodge. The weather has been 75F here and for the first time ever, we loaded up the aircraft in short pants at Lake Hood.  Ron and Mike will be taking Beaver 5AR out to King Salmon in the coming days to get the lodge opened up and ready for the season.  In addition to all the prep work we have posted the next installment of Ron’s book, it is titled “The Hollywood Years”.  Here you can see AMAZING photos behind the scenes during the filming of “The Alaskans”.  A movie that was produced in 1979 by Ron Hayes.  You can read about it on our home page under “Ron’s Alaska Stories

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ALSO!!! We still have some spots open for our “TWO FOR ONE ALASKA FISHING SPECIAL” $6,100 for two(2) guests for the week of JUNE 11-17!!  As always, we can answer any of your questions about planning a trip to Alaska Rainbow Lodge.  Give Ron, Sharon or myself a call.