Alaska Fsihing Lodge

Hiking into one of our remote streams on the Alaska Peninsula.

The first few weeks of the fishing season have been great, The Nushagak River saw a strong run of King Salmon during June and into July with some 75,000 fish returning as of this writing. The Alaska Department of Fish & Game escapement goal was between 55,000 to 120,000, so we are on track for a solid return for 2015.

Alaska Fishing Lodge

Bush flying in Alaska with Alaska Rainbow Lodge’s fleet of DeHavilland Beavers.

The sockeyes have also started their runs into the respective systems around Bristol Bay including the Naknek, Alagnak and Kvichak River drainages. We are already seeing them stream past our dock here at ARL. The first fish spotted were around the 1st of July and clients have enjoyed catching a few to take home the past few days.

King Salmon Fishing Alaska

Repeat guest Andy with another Great King Salmon from the Nushagak River in June.

Alaska Salmon Fishing

Kvichak River Sockeye Salmon

The rainbow trout and char fishing also continues to be consistent on rivers like the American Creek, Alagnak River and the Kukalek drainage rivers. We are still catching them on Mouse patterns, Dry Flies and swinging leeches. The trout are very hungry after a long winter and are anticipating the salmon spawn to fatten up for year.

Alaska Wildlife

Tundra fox enjoying the sunshine in the Becharofs.

Soon the area streams will be full of salmon providing for some EXCELLENT sight fishing for these amazing rainbow trout here in Katmai National Park and the Bristol Bay region. Typically we target the rainbows behind spawning salmon using egg imitating beads of various sizes and colors fished under an indicator rig very similar to nymphing set-ups used in the lower 48. You can read more about bead fishing in Alaska HERE.

Alaska Trout Fishing

Swinging Leeches in Katmai for big hungry Rainbow Trout.

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