You likely discovered the Alaska Rainbow Lodge while curiously searching for the best Alaska fly fishing lodges, but we’re so much more than just a fishing getaway. The talented, hard-working team here at Alaska Rainbow Lodge also provides nightly fine dining, ultra-cozy accommodations, and picturesque fly-out fishing trips with numerous possibilities to spot breathtaking wildlife. Our riverfront lodge, aptly named after the area’s common rainbows, is located in a particularly secluded slice of Alaskan wilderness. You’re more likely to spot a brawny brown bear than an angler from one of the nearby Alaska fishing lodges. Wildlife viewing is a small but memorable part of the fishing experience here at our Bristol Bay lodge – here are four of the most commonly spotted animals in the area.

Brown Bear

Brown bears, commonly misrepresented as scary “grizzlies,” are drawn to our serene neck of Alaskan wilderness because of the excessive summertime salmon runs. Alaska Rainbow Lodge guides visiting anglers through some of the best runs in the world, where we’ll often spot feasting brown bears and their adorable cubs. Adult Alaskan brown bears typically eat 80-90 pounds of salmon per day in the summertime. It’s true – they love salmon just as much as we do! There will more than likely be several opportunities to snap photos of these majestic, well-fed beasts.

Bald Eagle

Brown bears and bald eagles go hand-in-hand here in Southwest Alaska. Whether we’re fishing in the King Salmon area or visiting a nearby hidden gem, we often spot massive brown bears and soaring bald eagles fighting over thousands of wild salmon. Despite only weighing 8-14 pounds, bald eagles have a 7.5-foot wingspan, which is extremely intimidating to most mammals (including brown bears). Bald eagles are often seen lording in the high trees, soaring through the air, and swooping to nab hefty salmon.

Red Fox

Photo of a red fox near the best Alaska fly fishing lodges.

We might be one of the only Alaska fly fishing lodges to have a pack of wild red foxes call our vast property home. The friendly staff here at Alaska Rainbow Lodge usually calls these cute yet fierce critters our “mascots.” Red foxes have binocular vision, so they do most of their hunting during the few hours of darkness here in Bristol Bay. We’ll often spot their sheening eyes early in the morning – but sometimes they’ll just casually trot past us.

Gray Wolf

It’s unlikely you’ll spot a gray wolf on your Alaska fishing adventure, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Alaska has the largest gray wolf population in the United States (and it’s not even close). The Alaska DNR estimates that there are somewhere between 7,000 and 11,000 gray wolves in our vast state, many of which call Southwest Alaska home. Several of our fly-out fishing trips to nearby Katmai National Park and Preserve have had the pleasure of spotting one of these increasingly-endangered beauties.

Photo of the family dog at Rainbow Lodge, one of the best Alaska fly fishing lodges.World-Class Alaska Fly Fishing Lodges

Guides and visiting anglers alike will occasionally spot giant moose, especially inside the Katmai National Park and Preserve. But you’re guaranteed to meet one beautiful animal during your visit to the Alaska Rainbow Lodge: Tango the dog. Tango is the lodge’s faithful red golden retriever who has never met someone he doesn’t love. While Tango’s not getting any younger, he’s still full of spirit and compassion. To learn more about our various fly fishing trips, please visit us online or dial 1-800-451-6198.