The biggest Alaska fishing season has arrived at our Alaska Rainbow Lodge, Salmon season, and we couldn’t be more excited to share the experience with you. Before planning your trip out to do some Bristol Bay fishing, we can not express enough the importance of having a guide. Which is why we’d like to give you a rundown as to why fishing with a guide will be a top priority while doing the best fishing in Alaska. 

Photo of our guide team just before the start of the Alaska fishing season.Finding the Fish

The first reason as to why having a guide along while fishing the Alaskan waters is for the simple fact that our guides know where to find the fish in Bristol Bay. Even if you’ve fished in various regions, the Alaskan waters can be a little tricky for the experienced angler. During the Alaskan fishing season, you can expect to catch an abundance of fish, that is if you know where to find them! The guides know the currents, and where to capture the most fish during the fishing season! 

Tips and Tricks

The second reason why having an experienced guide while fishing is that they can teach you new tips and tricks along the way! While in Alaska fishing you’ll be in search of some massive creatures and you may find yourself having a difficult time reeling them in. Having a guide along will ensure that you’re able to reel in a large fish without a problem. There is a learning curve while fishing the Bristol Bay waters near our Alaska fishing lodges, and our knowledgeable guides will get you up to speed in no time!


Reason number three as to why fishing guides are essential during the Alaska fishing season is because of the weather. The forecast can be unpredictable at times, and the calm waters can quickly become rough as the weather turns! It’s essential to fish with someone who has experienced this turn in events while out on the Alaskan waters. 

Vacation Means Vacation

Vacation is meant for relaxation no matter what way you look at it, so don’t feel the pressure of rigging and baiting while in Bristol Bay fishing, leave that to our guides! The guide’s purpose while out on the water is to make your day out fishing a successful one. When you take the weight off your shoulders of having to prepare for your day out on the water properly, you’ll feel more at ease and will leave with better memories! 

Photo of a man holding a rainbow trout during the Alaska fishing season.Professional Alaska Fishing Resorts

While doing some of the best fishing in Alaska, leave the heavy lifting to our expert guides during your day on the water. The key to a successful fishing trip is to use a guide that knows techniques that are vital to catching an abundance of fish. To meet our knowledgable guides, visit us online. At Alaska Rainbow Lodge, we only use equipment that high quality, you’ll never have to worry about using worn materials during your stay. To browse through our accommodations and to prepare for your Alaskan vacations, give us a call at 1-800-451-6198.