Taking a trip to Alaska fishing lodges can be one of the most exhilarating adventures you ever experience. Expansive landscapes will take your breath away, and many of the fish are monsters that most anglers only dream of catching in the lower 48. Alaskan fishing trips can also be tricky and dangerous with such varying terrains. Alaska Rainbow Lodge wants to remind you of the importance of having an experienced guide along for the journey for the best fishing experience possible.

Tips, Tricks, and More

When you head out with a seasoned guide, will not need to worry about navigating the wilderness on your own. Our guides live and breathe the Alaskan wilderness and live in it every day. They know the ins and outs of essential safety as well as the different little tricks to finesse local fish onto your hook every time. They can help you discover different techniques that work specifically for the fish you are targeting, and for each unique area that you fish. They will also help you correctly bait hooks with the most effective baiting techniques as well as make sure all of the gear is secure and ready to wrestle mighty beasts below.

The Lay of the Land

Though many think of guides as a small perk to fishing, they hold a prominent role in your safety while out on the water and land. Since our guides call the Alaskan wilderness home and trek it daily as a career, they have encountered just about every roadblock mother nature can come up with. From sudden and dramatic changes in weather to encounters with local animals, you can that trust our guides know what to do and keep you safe. When you head out with a guide, you will be in the hands of a seasoned angler and survivalist that will make sure your trip is a safe and successful one. 

Meet Our Crew

Alaska Rainbow Lodge’s professional guides are at the ready to take you on a wild adventure and wrangle some monster catches. Visit our website or give us a call at (800) 451-6198 to begin planning your fishing adventure. Alaska Rainbow Lodge is one of the best Alaska fishing lodges around with an optimal location, experienced staff, and phenomenal lodging. Grab your gear, hop on a plane, and come meet all of our guides for a memorable Alaskan fishing trip with us at Alaska Rainbow Lodge.