Alaska has always remained a natural wonder to people across the globe. With its vast landscapes, varying terrains, and incredible wildlife it is easily understood why it is so mesmerizing. Many have always dreamed of heading out and experiencing it all first hand, but how do you get to such a secluded area of the world? It is not as easy as flying into LA or New York but is completely worth it once you see the sprawling wilderness open up before your eyes. Alaska Rainbow Lodge invites all to come and enjoy Alaska up close and personal at their Alaska fishing lodge.

Best Practices of Alaskan Travel 

If you are planning on taking an exciting trip to Alaska, be sure to keep in mind what time of the year you are looking for. During the winter months, many of the odd varying tours close down, including Alaska Rainbow Lodge and most other fishing lodges. Mid-May is when things begin picking back up and the season begins for Alaska Rainbow Lodge at the start of June. With such short seasons, many trips need to be booked months in advance to ensure you have a spot during the time you hope to visit. Take a look at what fish are in season during the time you wish to stay, and you should be able to plan packing your gear accordingly to that. 

Travel Essentials

When traveling to the 49th state, there are a few essential things to keep in mind for smooth sailing. There are weight limits to the gear you are allowed to bring so be mindful of the essentials you pack and things that could easily be left back at home. There is a list of items to pack on the Alaska Rainbow Lodge website so you can be sure you have everything you need. It is also always good to travel with your money, ID, fishing license, and other tickets/trip documents on you at all times as to not leave them behind or lose them along the way. They are best kept in waterproof bags when you arrive at your fishing destination.

Transportation Available to Alaska Rainbow Lodge

Traveling to Alaska can be difficult, but if you have your budget figured out and know if you want to visit by air or sea, you are already off to a magnificent start. Many choose flying because it is a little more time-efficient and cost-friendly. You get to where you are going much faster with planes as they are the main mode of transportation for most of Alaska. When you arrive in Anchorage, Alaska Rainbow Lodge will meet you to take you the rest of the way with prior notice of the needed lift. 

Alaska Rainbow is an Alaska fishing lodge with three floatplanes and multiple boats ready to pick you up for the trip of a lifetime. If you are ready to get your Alaskan adventure underway, give Alaska Rainbow Lodge a call at (800) 451-6198 to book your stay and experience the great Alaskan wilderness for yourself.