The Alaska Rainbow Lodge is located on the Kvichak River in the Bristol Bay watershed. The Bristol Bay watershed is the most prolific salmon and rainbow trout fishery in the world. Anyone who works in this area or has fished these fabled waters understands the ecological majesty of this very special place. We have all seen the prolific salmon runs, starting with Sockeye, Kings, Chum, Pinks and Silvers, and how fundamentally essential they are to the very life of all people and creatures in Bristol Bay. The proposed Pebble Mine arguably threatens the very balance of nature in this area. But, for now, it appears that the Pebble Mine is on hold.

Last week, I posted an important article on Facebook concerning the abrupt end to the Pebble Mine partnership between Anglo American and Northern Dynasty. If you get a chance, please read the article. It’s fascinating and an important piece of history for Bristol Bay, Alaska and America.

I was very impressed by all of the support shown for the dissolution of the Pebble Mine partnership. Opposition of the Pebble Mine project came from individuals, environmentalists, fishermen, fishing lodges, Alaskan natives, commercial fishermen, EPA, Trout Unlimited, outdoor writers, journalists, Orvis, Simms, and many others. Together, with support and funding, we made a difference. And, at least for now, the Pebble Mine is not mining.

The Alaska Rainbow Lodge fishes over 30 different rivers in Bristol Bay. These rivers have not changed in thousands of years. The habitat is completely pristine. The fishing is the best in the world. And we can get you right in the middle of all the unspoiled action.

Come fish with us! And, the next time you do, raise a glass to all those among us that helped keep Bristol Bay the best fishing in the world.


Till next time,

Michael Bales

Head Guide

Alaska Rainbow Lodge