Alaska the Beautiful: Coming to the Lodge.

What is so intriguing about Alaska isn’t its dominion as the 49th state to join the US, but rather its mystery. Isolated to the North West of Canada and across from Russia, Alaska can prove to be a journey for vacationers and fisherman alike.

Commonly referred to as the last frontier, Alaska offers some of the most diverse terrain on the globe, from towering mountain ranges, vast arctic tundra, more than 12,000 rivers, and some of the largest bears in the world with some weighing in at over 1,200 pounds. This great state is a fisherman’s paradise offering one of the worlds largest Salmon runs, record breaking Rainbow Trout, Arctic Char, Pike, and more using all types of fishing gear. Any nature lover will be right at home in this heaven on Earth, but is it really that hard to make dreams come true and come to Alaska? Not at all. With a little understanding, and planning, Alaska becomes an easy destination. Let’s break it down.

When Do I Come to Alaska?

Before coming to our beautiful state of Alaska, it’s important to understand what the seasons are like. The months of October- April are considered off season for tourists and this is when Alaska experiences the cold, rain, and darkness. During January-March, the temperature can plummet as low as -60 degrees and has most lodges and hotels are closed until warmer weather.

May-September is considered the optimum time to visit as the weather is warmer. During June and July, you can experience a wonderful average high of 68 degrees and nearly all-day sunlight with the longest day seeing 19 hours of sunlight in Anchorage. As August and September approaches the temperature drops and you can expect to see more rain, but this is offset by spectacular fall colors and big Fish!

Alaska Rainbow Lodge is open June-September and given the limited season fills up fast. For the fisherman who want to catch a certain type of fish, it is important to pay attention to what species can be caught during which times. Give us a call to and we will point you in the right direction.

With the season opener on June 8th this year, guests who come to the lodge during June and early July can expect to catch King Salmon, Sockeye Salmon, and Chum. Salmon is the name of the game during these months and any avid fisherman wants to catch a prize King.

Later July and August see the Pink and Silver Salmon coming into play and is usually the peak time to fish. Then comes the season ender with September seeing the end of the Salmon runs and Trophy Rainbow Trout. It’s also important to note that all 4 months are good for fishing Arctic Char, Arctic Grayling, Northern Pike, and Dolly Varden.

The kind of fish you want to catch should determine what time of year you want to book. Chip Ferguson, the owner of Alaska Rainbow Lodge is great at making sure you book the appropriate trip for your fish preference. The lodge books up months in advance with August booked up since November 2017 for the 2018 season, so booking early is a must.

Traveling Essentials

The big thing about traveling to Alaska is you want to be prepared. The Alaskan wilderness can be unrelenting and unforgiving meaning that if you don’t take the right gear, mother nature may run you off. For those coming to fish in Alaska, you need to make sure you pack warm and waterproof gear. Waders and jackets are a must. Also, don’t forget those sunglasses! 19 hours of daylight means for a challenging experience if you can’t see your fish.

Guests need to keep in mind that there is a weight limit on the bush planes in Alaska. Fishing in remote locations, means flying in a small aircraft. It’s well worth it to be locked into the beauty of the landscape, but this does mean that guest are limited to 50 pounds of luggage. Don’t over pack! After you book you trip we will mail you our adventure guide which contains a very specific packing list. Follow it and you will be good to go.

So, I’m Coming to Alaska, How Do I Get to the Lodge?

As of 2018, Alaska Rainbow Lodge has partnered with Trans Northern Aviation to include flights from Anchorage, Alaska to our lodge. This means you only need to worry about flying into Anchorage for your adventure making your trip to Alaska much smoother. Because the flight only leaves from Anchorage once a week, we recommend staying in Anchorage the night before.

The flight from Anchorage will leave at 10:00am Friday morning at Gate L2 in the South Terminal of Ted Stevens International Airport to take you to the lodge. You will want to arrive at the gate one hour prior to take off. The gate is located on the same level as luggage claim and is outside of security. Your name will already be on the manifest, so you will not need a boarding pass.

When your charter flight arrives in King Salmon, our pilots will be waiting to escort you to our bush planes for transfer. It’s a one-mile drive in our van to our dock on the Naknek river. From there, you will take a 30-minute flight to Alaska Rainbow Lodge.

What Are You Waiting For?

Alaska Rainbow Lodge has been providing our guests with incomparable fishing adventures for over three decades. We are here to make sure planning your visit to our great state is a breeze. Give us a call to start planning your trip today!