It was about 1965. I was flying back from my hunting lodge on the Alaska Peninsula, buzzing along in my little super cub. It’s a four hour flight in this little plane. About two hours into the flight, I needed to stretch my legs so I landed on a likely looking gravel bar. It was a glorious day and I wasn’t in a hurry, so I got out my spinning rod (yes, back then I was a hardware casting fool) and tossed in a spoon. I made about two turns on my reel when WHAM – I got hit with a freight train. My line went whizzing out and I lost the entire spool of line – everything! That was my first experience with Rainbow fishing on the famous Kvichak River. I never forgot that day and when I decided to build a fishing lodge, the location had to include easy accessibility to the Kvichak and these unbelievable Wild Rainbows.


Anglers around the world have traveled to Alaska with the hope of landing a monster Trophy Rainbow, one that would measure over thirty inches and have a girth you have to see to believe. My guides call them, “Hogs”. Every season a select few of our fishermen are lucky enough to land one of these monsters.

This year, to recognize and celebrate our thirtieth year in business at Alaska Rainbow Lodge, we are building a Wall of Fame and starting up a membership to our 30-inch club. To accomplish this, we need your help. If you have ever caught a 30-inch Rainbow Trout while fishing with Alaska Rainbow Lodge, please send me a picture of you and the fish and the date you caught it. After verification, we will have your name inscribed onto our wall. If you have never caught a 30-inch Rainbow Trout, you’re fishing with the wrong lodge!

You can email a picture or send it by regular mail, either way we need your photos! We know most of you who are or should be on this Wall. But again, I’d like to ask that you send this information as soon as possible. We will be under construction soon.

Thanks for all your help,