It’s been a season for chasing giants. Here’s a little look back:

In late June and early July, we were on the hunt for King Salmon—BIG King Salmon. We knew from our friends on the coast that the big ones were showing up in hoards. So we gathered all our guests in the lodge hall and asked, “Who wants to chase some big Kings?” The response was almost unanimous. The next morning we went to the mouth of the Alagnak River, where the river meets the sea. That day was spectacular. All our guests limited out and brought home Kings, some as big as 45 pounds. And the rest of the week was the same as the first day: just outstanding fishing.

In late July, the Silver Salmon began their massive annual migration up the Egegik River. So once again, we asked all our guests, “Who wants to chase some big Silver Salmon?” And once again the response was almost unanimous. Silver after Silver slammed our fly rods and spinning rigs with guests bringing home fish after fish.

In August, after the huge Silver, Pink and Chum spawns, the BIG Rainbow Trout started showing up in rivers like the Little Ku, Upper Kvichak, Brooks and Lower American. You could feel the excitement in the lodge among all our guests with this news. We took a photo of a 30-inch Rainbow and showed it to everyone and asked, “Who wants to chase some monster Rainbows?” Every plane and boat we had headed out in hot pursuit and with great success. Day after day.

Alaska Rainbow Lodge is known for its success in chasing and landing big trophy fish. We have the flexibility and the equipment (planes and boats) to turn on a dime to take advantage of great opportunities. So, when you’re thinking about choosing a lodge for your Alaskan fishing adventure, give us a call. We’ve been making it happen for more than 50 years, one trophy fish after another. And we have the guests and pictures to prove it. Let me hear from you. Just give me a call: we’ll get your trip set up in just a few minutes.

Tight lines my friends,