Dream of Big Fish: 8 ARL Experiences You Don’t Want to Miss

If you’re a first-timer at the Alaska Rainbow Lodge, I hope my blog has given you a good idea about what you’ll experience on your first trip. If you haven’t been following along over the past five months, take a few minutes to read over each issue and discover what makes this lodge unlike any place you can fish in Alaska.

For all of you who are returning guests, I’m glad to say that all our excellent guides from last year will be here for 2012.

Here’s a few inside pointers on how each of them can help you get the most out of your trip:

1. To target Grayling, ask to fish with Nigel. Nigel knows where the true monsters are hidden. His years of experience, humor and wisdom will stay with you forever.

2. If you can, fish Kulik River with Jose. Like Nigel, Jose is a guide of global renown. In both hemispheres, his guide-craft alone makes a day of fishing an artful experience. I hope you have lots of friends who won’t mind hearing your stories of that day again and again and again.

3. For at least one day, get Tim to take you by jet boat up the Kvichak River below Lake Iliamna to fish for Salmon and huge Leopard bows. No guide alive knows that water better than Tim. He knows what other guides don’t and he only shows our guests.

4. Go with Tony to fly fish at Brooks. Tony knows just the right pattern and presentation to make in this storybook setting. Tony is a master on this fishery. Spend some time with him. Trust me on this.

5. If you fish the Kamishak or Strike Creek, go with Mike Dragon. Dragon will have memories of Char swimming though your head for the rest of your life. He also knows some pockets and sections that hold Silver Salmon if the time is right. Nobody manages and fishes this wild and beautiful place with as much poise and respect as Dragon.

6. So you want to fish the Upper American? Fish with Juan. This guy was born to fish and guide. It’s in his DNA. He’s one of those guides who are suddenly visible when you need them and invisible when you don’t. Juan sees everything and anticipates even better. Watch him study a steam or rise. Then do just what he says. It’s awesome.

7. The Moraine Creek drift with Ian is about as idyllic a fishing experience as you could ever imagine in Alaska. The pace is relaxed, Ian’s relaxed, you’re relaxed, the boats are comfortable, the trout fishing is arguably the best in Alaska and the wildlife surrounding you is utterly unbelievable. Bears, wolves, moose, bald eagles and more are literally everywhere. Sometimes, right in front of you. Exciting stuff and a great guide to spend the day with.

8. Fish with Caleb on the Nushagak, Alagnak or the Naknek. It doesn’t really matter because Caleb has a nose for Salmon and he wants all his guests to bring home dinner. His relentlessness when on the fish is legendary at this lodge and with our guests.

In truth, all our guides are masters of this trade. They will all spend over 100 days with customers on our rivers and they approach their business as true professionals. I know we are all looking forward to this season with you. Let us know if we can help in any way. Just give Ron Hayes a call.

See you in AK!
Michael Bales

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