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Alaska Rainbow Lodge Blog

Give the Gift of an Alaskan Fishing Trip near Bristol Bay

While it maybe doesn’t feel like it, the holiday season is quickly approaching. Even though many people know what to get their loved ones, you may find yourself staring into the clouds when you ponder the perfect gift. Whether it’s a close relative, partner, child, or friend, giving an Alaskan fishing trip is an unforgettable memory they’ll cherish forever. Not only will you be giving them a chance at catching [...]

Mouthwatering Alaskan Salmon Recipes

Booking a stay at Alaska Rainbow Lodge in Bristol Bay will undoubtedly lead to a large load of salmon. Since there is an excellent chance you'll have a bountiful excursion on the Kvichak River, deciding what to do with your fish can sometimes be the most challenging aspect of salmon fishing in Alaska. Many seasoned anglers prefer to brush on some olive oil or their favorite marinade and call it [...]

Fall Fly Fishing in Alaska: Kvichak River Rainbow Trout

Fall is an excellent time for fly fishing in Alaska. First of all, the crisp autumn weather is reasonably comfortable. The fall colors will begin to peak, offering a diverse array of reds and oranges across the landscape—plus, no mosquitos. Secondly, there tends to be less pressure from eager anglers as the tourist season wanes. Most importantly, however, fall marks a heightened abundance of Alaskan rainbow trout coming through the [...]

Bristol Bay: Fly Fishing in Alaska

The crystal clear waters and unscathed wilderness of Bristol Bay establish a different sense of solitude. The abundance of trout and salmon produced in this prime habitat lends itself to some of the best fishing in Alaska, if not the world! If you are reading this, there is a high probability that you’ve spent a reasonable amount of time on the water chasing local species. Heck, most people have used [...]

Alaska Fishing Guides at Alaska Rainbow Lodge

There's a reason they call it fishing and not catching. Death and taxes are the only guarantees in life, and angling is no different. A fly, bait, or lure that was used previously to limit-out on eaters can come up with nothing but weeds and chub the following day, and being in an unfamiliar setting will only make things more difficult.  We highly recommend you hire a guide to help [...]

Fly Fishing in Alaska at Alaska Rainbow Lodge

The allure of fly fishing in Alaska revolves around three factors: beautiful scenery, a plentiful fish population, and unrivaled seclusion. As many people know, most locations are so remote that anglers and other outdoor enthusiasts take airplanes to their destinations due to the lack of roads. Alaska Rainbow Lodge provides fly-outs to rivers containing healthy numbers of the five native Alaskan species: king, silver (coho), sockeye (red salmon), chum, and [...]

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