Fishing Brooks National Park

October 31st, 2013|Categories: Guide Confessions|

This past year, I stumbled on something that is worth passing on to everyone that reads this blog. Brooks National Park has a live webcam that broadcasts all the bear and salmon activity at the Falls! To see all the action simply click here. I’d even suggest that you bookmark this page so you can [...]

Alaska Fishing Just Got Better!

October 31st, 2013|Categories: Alaska Fishing|

Lodge Improvements are Underway We finalized the close-down of the lodge for our 2013 season but our work never ends at Alaska Rainbow Lodge. Nor does our commitment to providing our customers with the best and most comfortable lodge in Alaska. Last year, we installed a new wide-body dock in front of our lodge on [...]

Alaska Fishing and the future of the Bristol Bay watershed

October 17th, 2013|Categories: Guide Confessions|Tags: , , |

The Alaska Rainbow Lodge is located on the Kvichak River in the Bristol Bay watershed. The Bristol Bay watershed is the most prolific salmon and rainbow trout fishery in the world. Anyone who works in this area or has fished these fabled waters understands the ecological majesty of this very special place. We have all [...]

Closing Thoughts on the 2013 Alaska Fishing Season

October 2nd, 2013|Categories: Guide Confessions|

The fishing in 2013 was among the best I’ve seen in over 10 years as the head guide at Alaska Rainbow Lodge. I hope our beloved guests enjoyed every moment vacationing and fishing with us. Let me take a few moments to thank all of our outstanding guides, pilots, chefs, housekeepers, maintenance crew and owners [...]

Alaska Fishing – Planning for 2014

October 2nd, 2013|Categories: Alaska Fishing|

After 51 years in this business, we’ve learned a thing or two about helping guests get the best value and bang for their Alaska fishing bucks. We recognize that choosing when to visit and getting here are a big part of the decision process. So, in a nutshell, here’s what we’ve learned that can help: [...]